President and CEO at Capergy

Fahim Samaha


About Me

Fahim Samaha is a towering figure in the energy industry, having dedicated over four decades to transforming the power generation sector. His journey, originating from the vibrant landscapes of Lebanon to the serene shores of Hilton Head, South Carolina, encapsulates a story of professional brilliance intertwined with a deep-rooted passion for innovation.

In his pivotal role as President and CEO of Capergy, he has navigated the company to new frontiers of success, firmly establishing it as a dominant entity in the energy landscape. His leadership is characterized by an unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions setting new benchmarks in innovation and operational excellence. Under his guidance, Capergy has flourished, becoming a beacon of innovation and responsible practices in power plant development.

Fahim’s influence extends well beyond Capergy. He holds a distinguished position as Chairman of the Board at SITECOGEN Ltd, overseeing a massive 4.5 GW installed base and reinforcing his impact in energy conversion and power generation sectors. His tenure at SITECOGEN is marked by a relentless dedication to upholding standards of excellence and fostering sustainability.

Beyond these primary roles, his expertise is sought after across the energy sector. He is a valuable board member in multiple energy-related companies, including SPCS and Site Technology. His vast reservoir of knowledge and strategic insights significantly benefit these entities, broadening his influence and contribution to the energy industry.

Fahim’s professional journey is underpinned by a solid academic foundation in electrical engineering. Through a blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge, he has cultivated extensive expertise, steering his career along a trajectory marked by relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for innovation.

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